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MASAJES El Gato arises after evaluating the importance of massage and its multitude of positive effects on the organism,
both physically (physiotherapy), physiological, psychological or spiritual level (Sensitive Massage).

MASAJES El Gato fuses traditional techniques with modern ones offering you
the possibility of knowing the world of massage and manual therapy, as well as all its beneficial effects.

All sessions in MASAJES El Gato are unique and of quality, working individually and individually by qualified professionals.

We use neutral liquid Vaseline so that hydration will be part of your session, being a completely harmless product to avoid allergies.
All material is disposable and single dose, cleaning each room after use.

Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic massage

It is appropriate both for the treatment of any type of muscular, joint or nervous ailment ... as for a maintenance or preventive work.


Sensitive Massage
Sensitive Massage

Ideal for disconnecting, reducing stress, easing anxiety or depression, exercising your breathing, improving your circulation, releasing endorphins, relaxing muscles, improving skin condition and stimulating the senses.


Bonuses and Offers

Do not miss the opportunity and keep abreast of the special offer each month we bring to you.
Discover our discount bonuses available all year round.



Massage Therapy - PHYSIOTHERAPY

Physiotherapy is a health discipline that offers a non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative to relieve multiple ailments by means such as exercise, stretching, heat, cold, light, water, electricity and of course massage.

Therapeutic massages will always be attended by a physiotherapist. This professional will evaluate and assess your status against any information you may have..

It will use different techniques, being the fundamental massotherapy. Once the previous analysis is done, you will be treated and advised to improve it, providing you with information that is beneficial to your health, so that you are not only better off leaving, but also acquire knowledge to improve your health and well-being.

  • Muscle contractions, tired legs, dizziness, dizziness, overload, migraines, bruxism, fluid retention, lymphedema...

  • Cervical gums, back pain, dorsalgias, herniated discs, fractures, traumatisms, tendinitis, sciatica, sprains, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow or golfer, scoliosis...

  • Arthritis, arthritis, grips, fibromyalgia...

  • Paralysis, hemiplegia, degenerative diseases, sclerosis, parkinson's, spinal cord injuries...

  • Pre-operative and post-operative


Types and Prices

Sensitive Massage

Sensitive Massage is mainly aimed at a healthy person, its purpose being to alleviate both the physical and emotional consequences of stress. Its goal is to provide global relaxation, so it is performed throughout the body from the feet to the head.

It is a massage that combines different techniques and doctrines such as the Californian Massage, Lomi Lomi Nui, Hawaiian, Thai, Balinese, Ayurveda, Asian...

The fusion of caresses, landslides, torsions, pressures, mobilizations, stretches and breaths, achieve the release of different toxins such as endorphins or Qi (vital energy flow), giving the massage receiver a deep sense of peace in both body and mind.

This massage has been created by a multidisciplinary team of psychologists and physiotherapists, being progressive and pleasant, getting through the sense of touch to provide security and acceptance, favoring the release of physical, mental and emotional tensions.
They only perform this type of massage professionals who have received specific training for this type of sensitive therapy.

To fully enjoy it, the masseur should comfortably reach all areas, passing through different positions. Will use the palm of the hand, forearms, thumbs or trunk, in such a way that it is able to control pressure, direction and speed, covering the largest possible surface.

It is received on tatami floor level, wrapped in an environment of well-being and harmony that encourages relaxation. The combination of relaxing music, candlelight and incense during the session, will help you increase your safety and self-esteem, both alone and as a couple.

You will have a disposable slip, although you may prefer to receive it with your own underwear, being priority your comfort and well-being to enjoy to the maximum of the massage.

Do not be afraid to express your feelings in any way, since our masseuses will always treat you like professionals.

Types and Prices

Choose your Masseur

At MASAJES El Gato we stand out for being a cheerful, sensitive, educated, respectful, close and always professional team, obtaining in this way an experience that wants to repeat and advise all your friends.

Massage is a manual therapy with nearby techniques, full of humanity, energy and feelings of well-being. That is why in MASAJES El Gato you are allowed to choose the masseur through our online booking system.


Sensitive masseur in practice.
She loves the world of massage and transmits in each of them the positive energy you need.


Physiotherapist and Pilates monitor.
Graduated by the UCAM.
Manual and effective work.


Receptionist, Coordinator
Sensitive Masseur and Physiotherapy Assistant, Computer Technician.
Titled No. 1502
Always happy to assist you.


Physiotherapist and Sports Coach.
Graduated by the UCLM
Collegiate Nº 5195
Her passion is her work.

Looking for a job?

If you like the world of massage and want to work on it ... get in touch !!!

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Because each customer is treated individually and personalized, since each person requires and needs something different, we have infinite types of therapeutic massages or treatments.
From MASAJES El Gato we want to give a professional treatment but at the same time accessible, so we will differentiate between three types of therapeutic massages for those who can take an appointment.

Professional Massage Therapist

The Professional Therapeutic Massage session lasts approximately 50 minutes.

During this session an evaluation and study of your illness will be made, as well as treatment of the same,always being individualized and personalized, using mainly manual therapy.

It is the ideal session for large areas or treatment of pathologies that require more session.

  • Sport massage
  • Back zone relieving massage
  • Leg downloads
  • Sciatica, sprains, post-operative...
50 minutes€ 40

Massage Therapy Express

The Express Therapeutic Massage session lasts approximately 20 minutes.

This session is the most appropriate for localized area ailments as well as an individual session and customized where the use of manual therapy and massage is the main technique used.

The patient knows in advance the area to which the session will be addressed and normally requires more than one session, leaving a time of recovery to the affected musculature, being the progressive effect and very effective.

  • Massage of head and scalp
  • Foot massage or plantar fasciitis
  • Cervical pain, back pain, low back pain
20 minutes€ 20

Combined Massage

The Combined Massage session lasts approximately 80 minutes.

This massage is created for those who want to get excited about the Sensitive Massage with the sense of well-being it provides, without leaving aside physical health to eliminate or alleviate some illness.

The masseuse will direct the first part of the Combined Massage to treat an area located through a Therapeutic Massage (Physiotherapy) continuing with a sample of Sensitive Massage (Global Massage to eliminate stress and anxiety) so that when the session ends, you have managed to release the tensions and physical ailments, while disconnecting from reality and leaving with charged batteries.

It's done on a tatami at ground level, being the ideal method to relax body and mind.

80 minutes€ 80

Physiotherapy at home

From MASSAGES El Gato we offer the possibility of reserving the service of Physical Therapy at Home with sessions adapted to each patient from 30 to 60 minutes.

This type of session is geared especially for those people with reduced mobility who need a prolonged treatment, managing to improve their movements and eliminate their ailments, facilitating the activities of daily life.

During sessions as well as treating the patient, the family and friends will be informed and advised of everything that can facilitate their day to day.

The Physiotherapist will assess the personal needs of each patient, setting an adequate number of sessions per week, thus adapting the price to each case.

If this is not your case, but you also want us to go to your address, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us directly.

  • Physiotherapy for people with reduced mobility, morbid obesity, VBA, stroke...
  • Geriatric, child, sports, post-operative physiotherapy...
  • General physiotherapy, traumatology, rheumatology, respiratory, neurological...


The Sensitive Massage of MASAJES El Gato transmits sensations, using caresses on the skin applied by smooth and harmonic movements, avoiding the sudden changes of rhythm and the loss of contact with the skin, being always a homogenous and regulated pressure depending on position and movement.
The Sensitive Massage is a global Massage that is performed on a tatami at ground level and wrapped in an environment that encourages relaxation.
Whatever your choice, you will leave with the renewed energy to face what you put ahead.

Sensitive Massage

Whichever massage session is chosen, its purpose will be to alleviate both the physical and emotional consequences of stress.

The Masseurs will customize the massage according to the client and the contracted time, emphasizing or including different positions or zones as it deems appropriate.

    It is appropriate for that person who wants a contact with this type of massage and wants to feel what it transmits.They are also recommended for those people who find it hard to find a slot in their agenda and have little time.
    It is the most popular massage and advised to receive routinely, since during this time can be enjoyed in fullness.
    Ideal for those who like to get away completely from the stress of work or day to day, and want to leave completely renewed giving the sensitivity and energy that gap so important in their life.
50 Minutes€ 50
80 Minutes€ 70
110 Minutes€ 90

Massage in Couple

The duration of the Massage in Couple can be chosen between 50 or 110 minutes.

If you want something very special with your partner and you are tired of the typical gifts... Sensitive Massage in couple is something you will never forget.

A masseur works with each member of the couple, receiving it on the same tatami wrapped in a romantic atmosphere generated by the relaxing music, candle light, incense...

You can both enjoy the same feeling of serenity and wellness.

After finishing the massage session you can enjoy alone a romantic set, which includes 30 extra minutes in the room with a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne.

50 Minutes€ 100
110 Minutes€ 180

4-Hand Massage

The 4-Hand Massage lasts for 50.

It is inspired by the "Abhyanga" technique from Hindu medicine (Ayurveda)

Two masseurs work simultaneously on a single client, using both asynchronous and mirror maneuvers in a choreographic way.

In the 4 hands session effects are doubled and highly effective, achieving in a single session the benefits equivalent to several sessions of conventional massage.

It is especially recommended for people who have difficulties for relaxation, which are subject to great stress, nervousness, anxiety... not being able to disconnect and enjoy the massage by paying too much attention to the movements of the masseur.

Undoubtedly, the feeling of wellness and stillness is greater than in simple massages. A delight for the senses that generates a great physical and psychological wellness.

50 Minutes€ 100

Night Massage

You can receive as a Night Massage any of the so-called Sensitive Massages, depending on that duration.

The Night Massage is a novelty that MASAJES El Gato offers you to experience the sensation of a massage whenever you want, without limitation of schedules.

It is considered Night Massage any reservation outside the opening hours of the center.

Without a doubt the atmosphere of the night encourages you to enjoy this evening both alone and in couple, with the possibility of receiving it outdoors in our facilities if you wish.

To reserve this type of massage, you must always contract with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


MAY 2019 OFFER !!!

During this Tuesday 14, Thursday 16 and Saturday 18 May 2019, you can enjoy our Sensitive Massage of 80 minutes for only € 50.


Bonuses and Offers

In MASAJES El Gato we think in your pocket without leaving aside the quality, putting at your disposal different bonos and offers.
If you have doubts about which is the most appropriate for you, consult our professionals.

Physiotherapy Bonus

They can be shared among several people, making them perfect for sports clubs, companies, family, friends or entities..

Sessions are approximately 20 minutes.
It is the ideal bonus for the treatment of localized areas, maintenance of small lesions or for prolonged treatments.
  • Bonus of 4 sessions - € 60 - Session € 15
  • 10 session bonus - € 130 - Session € 13
4 Sessions€ 60
10 Sessions€ 130
Sessions are approximately 50 minutes.
It is the ideal bonus for post-operative, sports maintenance, chronic injuries or global muscle discharges.
  • 4 session bonus - € 140 - Session € 35
  • 10 sessions bonus - € 320 - Session € 32
4 Sessions€ 140
10 Sessions€ 320
  • Advance reservations are required.
  • In the case of an online appointment, you must indicate your BONUS number.
  • Can not be exchanged for money.
  • It will be valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • It can be shared by providing the assigned number.
  • In case you can not attend an appointment, you must cancel with a minimum of 120 minutes in advance or the session will count as performed.

Sensitive Massage Bonuses

The duration of the session will depend on the type of bonus.
Apply for your bonus and get a FREE massage after nine sessions.
  • Massage Bonus 50 minutes
  • Massage Bonus 80 minutes
  • Massage Bonus 110 minutes
  • Advance reservations are required.
  • In the case of an online appointment, you must indicate your BONUS number.
  • Can not be exchanged for money.
  • It will be valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • It can be shared by providing the assigned number.
  • In case you can not attend an appointment, you must cancel with a minimum of 120 minutes in advance or the session will count as performed.

+ Offers

The duration of the session will depend on the offer.
Whether for you or as a gift, take advantage of the day of the birthday and take a discount of 30% in any of our massages.
Come with a friend or family member and enjoy a Sensitive Massage of 80 or 110 minutes.
2 Massage of 80 minutes - € 120 - Massage at € 60
2 Massage of 110 minutes - € 150 - Massage at € 75

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